CPD Dynamics Home Vibration Testing
The demand for engineering products which can withstand severe dynamic environments has led to growth in the sophistication of vibration test procedures. Increased reliability and performance are required of many products ranging from consumer electronics to military hardware, and a demonstration of survival in a simulated vibration environment is a prime requirement of many procurement specifications.

This training course provides an introduction to vibration testing and outlines the principal features of typical vibration test programmes. The course includes the use and development of test equipment for the artificial generation, measurement and analysis of appropriate vibration environments. Emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of the subject and only the essential theory is covered. Practical demonstrations reinforce ideas introduced in the lectures and a comprehensive set of lecture notes is provided.

The course will cater for test engineers who are working in environmental test laboratories or have recently been recruited from other departments or branches of engineering. The course will also be of benefit to those actively concerned with reliability and type approval testing as part of design assurance work. No prior knowledge of Vibration Testing is required and mathematics will be kept to the minimum necessary for an understanding of the subject.

The syllabus includes a general introduction to the topic (simple harmonic motion; displacement,velocity and acceleration relationships; periodic, transient and random vibration; natural frequencies; mass and spring elements; resonance and damping; critical damping; relative response and phase response; free and forced vibrations; half-power point; quality factor; loss factor; degrees of freedom; anti-resonance; etc); electromagnetic vibration generators; vibration power supplies; sine and random signals; vibration fixtures; control systems for electromagnetic vibrators; measurement and recording techniques; signal analysis techniques.