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Engineering and defence organisation, Bedfordshire A 4 day in-company course covering vibration, climatic and shock testing. Delivered as two bespoke modules in blocks of two days.
Test Centre, Essex a 2 day vibration testing course for test house staff .
Oilfield services and products manufacturer, Gloucs. 2 day vibration testing and one dayshock testing course delivered to design and testing staff on company premises.
Avionics systems manufacturer, Hants. 2 day vibration testing short course held on company premises providing an introduction to the subject, with practical demonstrations.
Microwave & radar technology manufacturer, Middlesex 2 day vibration testing and one day shock testing course delivered to company staff involved with design and testing.
Aircraft parts manufacturer, Dorset 3 day course on modal Analysis in collaboration with an industrial partner. Practical demonstrations included excitation techniques and curve fitting techniques.
Instrumentation product agent, South Africa 4 day course on vibration and signal processing.The course was designed to provide customers with a knowledge of key technical matters relating to a range of products.
Air defence & missile developer and manufacturer, Herts. 2 day awareness course on vibration testing to provide an overview of the subject, identify potential problem areas and address solutions.
Component process manufacturer, County Durham Lectures presented to a manufacturing organisation on the basics of noise measurement, analysis and control. Course structure enabled the company to address confidential finance, policy and organisation matters in closed sessions.
Automotive product manufacturer, Lancashire In-company course on data analysis for test and measurement engineers. Provided an overview of the pitfalls and practical engineering applications of signal processing.
Oil production, Norway Lectures presented on the practical applications and potential errors in digital signal processing to an open one week short course on Process Instrumentation and Control.
Automotive cable manufacturer, Wales One day awareness course on vibration testing to provide an overview of the subject, identify potential problem areas and address solutions.
Automotive product manufacturer, West Midlands Vibration testing course held on company premises covering all aspects of vibration shaker systems, testing methodologies, measurement, control and data interpretation.
Transducer manufacturer, Hertfordshire Vibration and shock testing short course held in a local conference centre for European sales staff. Course integrated one day of technical training, one day of management training and a one day closed session for private company matters.
Research, development & production organisation, Derbyshire 3 day course on practical signal processing presented on company premises. Presented on one day per week over 3 weeks included specialist application training on analysis instrumentation within the organisation.
* Defence Research Organisation,  Kent
* Food manufacturer, Devon
* Railway test organisation,  Derbyshire
* Gas turbine manufacturer,  Merseyside
Noise awareness courses have been presented on company premises for a number of organisations. Dependant on customer requirements, lectures have been presented in modular format covering noise and vibration instrumentation, measurement procedures, analysis and control measures, at an introductory level in one to three full days.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of an individually tailored course within your own organisation please contact me to discuss your requirements. Andy Tomlinson andy@cpd-dynamics.co.uk
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