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Vibration Testing short course
Lectures presented on the CPD Dynamics Vibration Testing short course.

CPD Dynamics Vibration Testing short course
Climatic Testing
Mechanical Shock Testing
Practical Signal Processing
In support of lecture presentions, all attendees received a comprehensive bound set of course notes which provide a useful source of reference after the course.

Climatic Testing
Climatic Testing -
refrigerant glide
Shock Testing
Shock Testing-
Maximax SRS
Vibration Testing
Vibration Testing-
control concepts
Signal Processing
Signal Processing -
psd and csd calculation
A typical selection of presentation slides is illustrated as used in the lectures and in course notes.

Circuit board vibration
Circuit board vibration
Using an impact hammer
Using an impact hammer to obtain the frequency response function
Shock test programmers
A selection of Programmers for use with a shock test machine

Using an impact hammer
Component testing using a force impact hammer
Sine sweep through resonance
Sine sweep through resonance
Workshop demonstrations reinforced ideas and concepts introduced in the lectures and illustrate techniques and avoidable pitfalls in measurement and analysis procedures.
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