CPD Dynamics Ltd Practical Modal Analysis
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During recent years the design environment has been radically changed by the emergence of sophisicated computer based tools for both experimental investigations and mathematical modelling. For the design of structural components experimental MODAL analysis is commonly used both as a stand alone technique and to provide input data to enhance the accuracy of a finite element analysis. With advances in software complexity such techniques are becoming increasingly more unified: the output data from MODAL testing providing a direct input to the FE package for correlation purposes.

The accuracy of an experimental MODAL analysis is critically dependant on the proficiency of the operator. Without suitable training little confidence can be placed upon the resultant output. The course is intended for technicians, engineers and designers who are applying computer engineering tools for design and development and for those who wish to extend their knowledge of dynamic testing at a practical level.

This course is offered as a flexible package which can incorporate both internal company presentations and external specialist expertise where appropriate to create an inclusive package. As the course is tailor made for each company, it can be designed to cater for managers, engineers or technicians whose work may involve them in vibration and modal analysis problems.

The course may may be presented either as a series of informal presentations on company premises or at a convenient local hotel.Presentation dates are negotiable and the course may be delivered as a block of 1,2 or 3 days, or on a one day per week basis. Programmes are individually tailored to accommodate company training requirements in terms of subject matter, technical level and duration. This may involve integration with third-party lectures to form an inclusive package.

Comprehensive notes covering all the lectures will be prepared and these serve as a valuable reference after the course.

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