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For groups of six of more delegates from the same organisation, it is often worthwhile considering an in-company course presentation. Significant savings in time, travel and accommodation can be made for several delegates when the course is held either on company premises or at a convenient local hotel. Courses may be delivered as a standard presentation of 2 or 3 days or as a bespoke course concentrating on areas of particular interest to the organisation.

Programmes may be individually tailored to suit company training requirements in terms of subject matter, technical level, format and duration. Where appropriate, course material may be integrated with in-company or third party lectures to provide a cohesive syllabus for a particular industry.

See EXAMPLES of tailored in-company and on-site short courses related to Environmental Testing Enginering (Vibration, Shock and Climatic testing), Noise measurement, analysis and control, Vibration and dynamics, and practical Signal Processing.


The course can be tailored to your company’s own timetable, work schedules and application areas.
Busy staff may not always be free to attend a course many miles from company base. With on-site courses, staff are readily accessible.
Hotel and travel expenses for one lecturer will be more economical than for several delegates.
Closed / confidential sessions can be incorporated into the programme.

Click on the link to see an OUTLINE SYLLABUS for each course, from which a bespoke training package can be organised to meet your own company's training needs.

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